For online member surveys, Subscribe360 makes use of Voice of the Customer and provides a fully featured survey management tool that is fully integrated with the Account (Organisation), Contact and Lead features.

VoC 2.5


VoC 1

Issue surveys to subscribers, event attendees, prospects and others with surveys hosted and delivered via the Microsoft Cloud. Track responses to contacts, or fully anonymise surveys in multiple languages. The issuing of surveys can also be automated via workflows, e.g. when a new subscription is taken out, an event place booked or cancelled etc.

Key features include:

  • Define, manage and distribute surveys with ease
  • Define multi-page surveys and involve supporting text
  • A wide range of question types and response options
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Configure rules for survey questions e.g. ask questions based on a specified response
  • Gather survey responses in Subscribe360 repository, building on the principle of a single source of truth

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