Social Engagement allows organisations to monitor and respond to social media interactions from subscribers, members, prospects, competitors and will enable you to track online sentiment (good and bad) and see who is enquiring or talking about your business.

Social Engagement-content

Social Engagement also extends to customer service with social media posts easily converted to Cases, ensuring they get addressed via existing and established processes.

Key features enable you to:

  • Listen and understand how people feel about your brand and how it stacks up against any competitors
  • Analyse sentiment to determine your share of voice across social channels and know who the key influence's are
  • Drive Engagement to foster conversations about your brand and gain insight to shape the messaging and membership sales strategy more effectively
  • Incorporate the analytics and data into Dynamics dashboards

Search results can be configured against a specific organisation, e.g. listen for tweets about a critical client, and the results can be displayed against the relevant record in Dynamics 365/Subscribe360.

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