At the core of Subscribe360 is advanced organisation and contact management, providing a single source of truth, be they member, stakeholder, exhibitor, academic or institution. Members of staff need to be responsive to member requirements and be informed of all communications and interactions with the client. Subscribe360 provides the tools to be able to quickly track information on all individuals and organisations that you interact with. Also, technology needs to make it easy for all staff involved in a process to be able to communicate and collaborate. The features in Subscribe360 provide not only a best in class tools to manage processes, e.g. referral but provide this across devices with full integration to tools such as Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Teams etc.

The seamless integration between Subscribe360, Office 365 and Power BI (for in-depth reporting and data analysis) will help drive organisational productivity. Regarding Accounts, this can cover the organisations and businesses that you interact with. This can include members, corporate publishers, students, partners, media etc. The flexible ability to surface related records on forms allows businesses to quickly understand what is happening with members and the relationships with other records, e.g. connections between contacts.

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Contacts can be associated with an Account and the record tailored to the business, e.g. Interests for events, preferences, etc. Contact records can be re-associated with another Account when someone moves, ensuring that a full contact history is maintained.

Subscribe360 and Dynamics 365 provide class-leading Account (Organisation) and Contact management features including:

  • Full activity tracking including email, tasks, phone calls, appointments, and custom activity types
  • Interaction timeline, including support for notes
  • Available on any device, in any location and includes mobile and tablet apps
  • Configurable forms, fields and views
  • Integration with Outlook and other Office 365 products
  • Form and field level security
  • Quickly access related information from key contact and account records
  • Assign record ownership for account management and performance management

Build a genuine, centralised contact and account database of subscribers, customers, suppliers, customers, prospects and more. Ensure staff have the latest information at their fingertips providing a joined-up service for clients.

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