Subscribe360 allows staff to plan and execute marketing and communication campaigns. Marketing lists are supported on specified criteria (e.g. Contacts in London who have not been contacted in the last six months), for leads, accounts and contacts. The campaigns can be quick, i.e. broadcast a message to a list of recipients, or they can have budgets and approval processes assigned with return on investment criteria as well to measure how effective they have been.

The messages can be broadcast directly from Subscribe360 or through a number of specialist third-party solutions. We have all the key platforms covered with add-on options from our trusted partners:

  • Click Dimensions – where full marketing automation is required
  • MailChimp
  • DotMailer
  • Campaign Monitor
  • SignUp
Email Marketing-content

Email campaigns can be created from within Dynamics 365 to a CRM and Website for the targeted audience (marketing lists). All results, e.g. Open, Bounce, Click, Unsubscribe are captured back in Dynamics as activities, allowing reporting and analysis with the Dynamics 365 dashboards and reporting tools.

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