Subscribe360 provides subscription management for membership organisations and trade associations, allowing you to transform the way you sell products and services with more flexible customer and product options.

Subscription Management-content

Key subscription management features include:

  • Flexible product catalogue to make it easy to manage and maintain subscription options
  • Define and control the subscription units available, e.g. weeks, months, year(s) etc. 
  • Multi-currency
  • Vary subscription pricing by territory, market, payment method or customer 
  • Application and exit fees for specific subscriptions 
  • Organisations and individual-based subscriptions 
  • Group Invoicing
  • Automated subscription reminders, lapsed warnings and renewal confirmations 
  • Automated rolling or manual renewals
  • Full subscription audit history
  • Support for pro-rata invoicing 
  • Subscription management dashboards and reports as standard

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