Subscribe360 includes comprehensive event and conference management tools as standard.  This includes support for event bookings, session management and event invoicing. The solution can also be tailored further to meet the specific requirements of each organisation. 

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The Events functionality provides the ability to manage free and costed events from simple one-day user or committee meetings through to large multi-day, multisession annual conferences. With multiple ticket types available such as members, non-members, group tickets and early-bird discounts, together with full invoicing and payments collections through the members portal and/or other channels.

Managing regular venues can be done in the system, and all associated documents, reminders, emails, tasks, calendar appointments and attendees are attached to the event record allowing a single view of everything in one place. Dietary information, disabled access requirements together with event attendance lists and delegate badges can also be printed off to help on the event day itself. Online bookings are underpinned using the sales opportunity processing within Dynamics 365.

Events and conference management features include:

  • Support for the management of events, webinars, committee meetings and conferences
  • Configurable event pricing 
  • Early bird pricing 
  • Member and non-member pricing 
  • Event session support 
  • Event options, per delegate and booking 
  • Voucher discount support 
  • Group discounts 
  • Online booking and payment support 
  • Automated event booking confirmation, reminders and joining instructions 
  • Support for multi-person bookings 
  • Event attendance recording, including mobile and tablet check-in 
  • Event portal listings, including event categorisation filters 
  • Event opportunity tracking for incomplete online bookings, including the potential for remarketing

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